Hi! I'm Kim!

I’m an experienced copywriter, content marketing geek, and a Media and Communications graduate.

Additionally, I've been featured on Smart Blogger, Huffington Post, Infusion Soft, among other renown publications.

The world regards me as an expert online writer, trainer, and as one of the most sought-after professionals in helping individuals and businesses achieve their content marketing goals.

On Smart Blogger:

“Kim is among the world's copywriting pros. Working with him to achieve your content and digital marketing needs is an opportunity you should grab right away." 

On Huffington Post:

"Kim is another star in the freelance copywriting world!"

WWW.WRITEMILL.COM is a dream come true for me. Besides being a resourceful site for businesses and people looking for actionable content marketing tips, it is one of my biggest investments so far.


My breakthrough as a paid online writer came when Daily Nation - Kenya's leading newspaper - hired me to curate their digital news section, including their blog and online archive. That opportunity opened other doors for me. In fact, other big brands like Tech Central and SmartBlogger approached me with mouth-watering deals in my first year of working with Daily Nation.

My inspiration: One thing I love about myself is that I'm overly generous! Buddy, let me tell you something: That yesterday is past, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift - that's why we call it "present". I don't know about my tomorrow, and that's why I’ve helped over 1200 writers to set foot in the exciting world of freelance writing. I still help newbies to land their first gig and make the most out of their writing.

At Writemill Copywriting, we make use of our experience in content marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, and email marketing to help you get the best results. No matter your niche, we've got you covered!

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